Utilize your data

No matter the size of your company, nowadays it is vital to make use of your data to meet your customers`expectations:

if Cash is King, Cash Flow is Queen and Profit is Prince

...then Data is Ace!

Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Science, Statistical Process Control, Data Mining, Big Data, Data Driven Documents, Cloud Platforms, Data Visualization... We just call it Data Analysis using statistics and out of the box techniques and we see the ongoing demand for these skills:

(having a look at Google Trend for Data Science searches worldwide since 2004 displays a clear trend: https://trends.google.com/trends/?geo=US/)

Our offer to you

If you are looking for support for the sake of discovery, interpretation and communication of meaningful patterns in your data we look forward to hearing from you. We are here to help you gathering new insights from your data via spotting unknown trends, seasonality or patterns. We offer both analysis as a service as well as trainings.

Our Know-How captures these themes/tools:

Our Applications

Making a difference

We will discuss your requirements in detail and explain our solution to you. Our main focus are your requirements, which we are going to fullfill with the optimal cost-benefit relation. DAR combines a python professor physicist and a closely cutting controller to move your business analytics forward. Sustainable approaches and long term views are our basis.

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Benefit from our expertise! We are looking forward to getting to know you and your data!