At DAR, we build standalone applications using spreadsheets as the front-end. You'll be able to harness the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence without any other prerequisites. We'll put your spreadsheets on steroids.

Our applications

Our data products include data extraction, processing, analysis, data mining, prediction, image recognition and reporting.

Machine learning, data and process mining are our expertise.

  • PredReX lets you predict and recommend sales items per customer. Adding frequency, frequency and monetary value clusters to PredReX creates PredCluReX.

  • Have you always wanted to set up a chatbot that doesn't cost a fortune and is easy to customize? Our chatbot ISAAC - Intelligible Solution for Administrative and Analytical Communication - is more than happy to meet your needs.

  • Get to know SQUIR - SAP Querying Intelligent Robot. Our bot to automate your repetitive SAP tasks.

  • ContProX, our tool for controlling time series data with statistical process control and anomaly detection.

  • Geospatial analysis including distance calculation with GeoSpaX.

  • RioX, your path to replenishment and inventory optimization.

Our unique selling point

The focus is on your requirements, which we will meet with an optimal cost-benefit ratio. Sustainable approaches and a long-term approach are our basis. We also provide you with an anonymization tool to ensure 100% data protection. The data and the decision are entirely yours. Always.

Our point of contact

Benefit from our data products. We love making Data Science easily accessible for you.