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Data Driven Dealings Development

The book Data Driven Dealings Development (click on this link to read an extract on Amazon) is addressed to everyone who wants to analyze Sales Data and Market Baskets, and create Product Recommender per Customer with Python. The Book covers both the theoretical aspects about Analytics, as well as the practical coding part, including complete code and data. Both unsupervised and supervised Machine Learning techniques are applied using the Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Tensorflow and Turicreate stack (amongst others).

Statistical Process Control

If under a high number of cycles and level of automation you have to provide a stable high quality, statistical process controll(SPC) can help you do the job (Jesko Rehberg for Additive Academy: Quality Control Charts for stable processes in the food industry). Quality Control Charts and Process Capability Analysis help you keep your process under controll und be informed in time when systematic changes occur to your process.

Do not execute Data Science only in (one) bubble

Our offer to you

If you are looking for support for the sake of discovery, interpretation and communication of meaningful patterns in your data we look forward to hearing from you. We are here to help you gathering new insights from your data via spotting unknown trends, seasonality or patterns. We offer both analysis as a service as well as trainings.

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